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Debt Action Plus

Debt Action Plus is a budgeting tool to help you manage your money better and deal with your debt. It will help you to calculate your household income and expenditure and provide you with a budget plan. It will also provide you with practical help to make the most of your money and give tips on how to maximise your income.

What is a budget and why should I budget?

A budget is important because:

  • it shows you how much money (income) comes into your household and how much money is going out (expenditure)
  • it allows you make sure you have enough money to cover your priority and essential outgoings and to plan ahead.

Note: it is always worthwhile to seek advice to see if your income can be increased by entitlement to Social Security or Tax Benefits. For advice, contact Advice NI’s Freephone Tax & Benefit Helpline on 0800 988 2377.

Working Out a Monthly Budget

Your Income

We have provided a Budget Sheet for your personal use to help you get an overall picture of your income and expenditure.

The budget is designed to be used with monthly figures. Use our calculator to convert weekly, fortnightly or four-weekly figures into monthly amounts.

Monthly budget sheet

Include all types of income coming into your household and all your outgoings.

Benefits & Tax Credits (you and your partner's)
Pensions (you and your partner's)
Other Income